Moscow Mills, MO, is Full of Landmarks

Landmarks in Moscow Mills represent past people and events. Visiting these sites will teach you the history of the city and help you understand your cultural heritage. Below are the famous landmarks in Moscow Mills. Moscow Mills, MO can be seen here.

Moscow Mills Bridge

The Moscow Mills Bridge, a historic pin-connected Pratt through truss span, provides a unique look back in time. It was constructed in 1889 to carry Route 814 across the Cuivre River into Moscow Mills, Missouri. The bridge's 215-foot length and Carnegie Steel construction make it an architectural and engineering marvel. Seeing this bridge allows you to comprehend its historical and architectural significance. Click here to read about Field of Dreams: Moscow Mills' Sporting Haven.

Shapley Ross House

The Shapley Ross House is a traditional two-story limestone residence that is a unique example of superb stonework masonry and Georgian-styled architecture in Missouri, with 10-foot ceilings and 18-inch walls. On each floor, "nine over nine" windows enclose two big rooms divided by a wide central hallway and an elegant staircase with a delicate walnut handrail. Each end of the house has a chimney, and the four fireplaces still have their original carved mantels. The hand-carved woodwork and six-panel doors, odd-width flooring, and linen press closets are all original to the house.

The Lincoln County Genealogical Society currently calls the Shapley Ross House home.