Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

With contaminants on the rise and our supply of fresh water dwindling, the water coming into your home may contain harmful chemicals as well as sediment and dissolved solids.

According to the CDC, most of the water that comes into your home comes from either surface water (streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs) or ground water. Depending on where you live and how the land around you is used, your tap water may contain germs and chemicals like chlorine that, over time, can cause health issues ranging from stomach issues to neurological disorders.
The EPA has strict regulations and guidelines to protect our water here in the United States, but, if you’re worried about drinking the water from your tap, and you’re tired of the inconvenience of changing out filters, Bono Plumbing has a solution.

NSRO42C4 North Star Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.

Introducing the NSRO42C4 North Star Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.

This is three-stage system that provides the highest level of filtration for the ultimate in water cleanliness and clarity. It is compact and fits right under your sink. Filters last for 750 gallons of water or 6 months, whichever comes first, and are easily replaced. The slim and sleek faucet is part of the package and ensures that your drinking water is free of:

  • Chlorine
  • Sediment
  • Cysts
  • Lead
  • Chemicals

Total Dissolved Solids (the amount of minerals, metals, organic material and salts that are dissolved in a certain volume of water).

Every community water supplier is required to provide a Customer Confidence Report to their customers that provides information about the quality of your drinking water. We encourage you to find yours and review it at EPA's site.

These water filtration systems are relatively inexpensive, so, regardless of what your report shows, they are a great option to providing the peace of mind that your family’s drinking water is safe and free from contaminants. Call our office or reach out through our website to schedule your free consultation regarding a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System. At Bono Plumbing, the safety and comfort of our customers is our top priority.