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Water Treatment in Wentzville

Improving Water Quality in Troy, Moscow Mills, Wentzville & Surrounding Areas 

Bono Plumbing understands the importance of good water quality for health and wellness. We offer products for water treatment in Troy, Moscow Mills, Wentzville, and surrounding areas. Our local, family-owned company has more than 26 years of plumbing experience and vast product knowledge to help you find the best solutions for your home.

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Improving Water Quality

The quality of the water in our homes can be affected by a wide variety of contaminants. Some of the most common problems include minerals that cause hardness, chemicals used to purify the municipal water supply, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, and other chemicals. Reducing contaminants will improve water quality.

Water treatment offers benefits such as:

  • Removing chemicals and contaminants
  • Preventing illness by eliminating bacteria and impurities
  • Cleaner, better tasting water
  • Softening hard water
  • Reducing buildup and stress on plumbing and fixtures

There are many options for home water treatment, including water filtration systems and water softeners. The best system for your home will depend on the specific contaminants in your water. A qualified, licensed plumber can help you determine the contaminants in your water and advise you about the best systems for your unique needs.

Common Water Contaminants and How Water Treatment Systems Can Help

Did you know that your water may contain harmful contaminants that can impact your family's health? Some of the most common water contaminants include:

  • Chlorine and chloramine
  • Lead
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Iron and other minerals
  • Pesticides and herbicides

At Bono Plumbing, we offer a range of water treatment systems to remove these contaminants and improve the quality of your water. Our plumbing experts can assess your water quality and recommend the best system for your needs, whether it's a whole-house or a point-of-use system.

What are the Signs You Could Benefit From a Water Treatment System?

There are several signs that could indicate you might benefit from a water treatment system:

  • Visible Signs: If you notice visible particles, sediment, or discoloration in your water, it could indicate impurities that a treatment system could address.
  • Foul Odor or Taste: If your water has a strange smell or taste, it could be due to contaminants or minerals. A water treatment system can help improve the taste and odor of your water.
  • Hard Water Issues: If you notice scale buildup on faucets, appliances, or dishes, or if your skin feels dry after showering, you might have hard water. A water softener can help reduce mineral content.
  • Skin and Hair Issues: If you experience dry, itchy skin or dull, lifeless hair after bathing, it could be due to the presence of minerals or chemicals in your water.
  • Staining: Stains on sinks, toilets, or laundry caused by minerals or other impurities in the water can indicate a need for water treatment.
  • Health Concerns: If you or your family members experience unexplained health issues that could be related to water quality, such as gastrointestinal problems or skin irritation, it's worth considering water testing and treatment.
  • Plumbing Problems: If you have frequent plumbing issues such as clogs or corrosion, it could be a sign of water quality issues that could be addressed by a treatment system.
  • Environmental Concerns: If your water source is near agricultural or industrial areas, there might be contaminants leaching into the water supply that a treatment system could help mitigate.

If you notice any of these signs, it's a good idea to have your water tested by a professional to determine the specific contaminants present and the appropriate treatment options.

  • Why Choose Bono Plumbing With Your Faucet Repairs and Installations?

    Anytime repair or installation services are needed it is important to use professional services. Many of the issues can lead to more serious problems in your home’s plumbing if they are not remedied correctly. From burst pipes to improperly connected water lines, repair and installation services should never be a guessing game. We will inform you if your current faucet is worth repairing or whether it is more economical to replace an old faucet with a new, fully functioning fixture. Bono Plumbing, LLC will take the guessing out of these services and provide you with efficient and professional repair and installation services today!

  • What Are the Benefits of the Installation of a New Faucet?

    While many of these troubling faucet issues can be remedied using our repair services, at some point the faucet may need replacement services. A faucet replacement and installation is not only mechanically beneficial, it can also add to the value of your home as well as give you the opportunity to personalize your faucet. When a new faucet is installed the seals are changed and the lines are inspected ensuring that the new faucet will provide efficient and consistent flowing water.

  • Is the Water Pressure Low in Your Faucet?

    Does it feel like it takes forever for the water to drip out of your faucet? This is a noticeable problem when there is a clog in the faucet that needs to be repaired. This typically occurs in the aerator of the faucet, which is the end piece that moderates the flow of the water. Before attempting to take your faucet apart, which can cause further damage, give Bono Plumbing, LLC a call. We can come to your home and inspect the faucet to determine the cause of the low water pressure. Once determined we can efficiently remedy the issues on the spot.

  • Do You Have a Leaky Faucet in Your Bathroom or Kitchen?

    A leaky faucet can either drip from the base or the end of the faucet, both of which are fixable. This can be caused by the faucet coming loose or a weakened or damaged gasket or seal. In this instance, the leaking water can be annoying but can be repaired. Whether the gaskets need to be replaced or a sealant needs to be placed on the faucet, we can inspect your faucet and determine the cause of the leak and remedy it efficiently.

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Call to Discuss Water Treatment

At Bono Plumbing, we can help you compare the options for water treatment in Wentzville and select the best system for your home. We offer expert installation of your water filtration system or water softener to provide your family with clean, healthy water. 

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