Water Pressure Problems? Fuggedaboutem!!

It’s that time of year again when we have to start thinking about watering our lawns and landscaping, filling up those pools, washing our vehicles, or letting our kids play in the hose or sprinkler.

But, what happens when you connect your hose, turn on the spigot for the first time and this is all that comes out?

The average in-home water pressure is about 40-45 PSI (pressure per square inch), so if you’re dealing with difficulty washing your dishes, taking a shower, and using your garden hose, the PSI has most likely slipped below this number.  There could be many reasons for the low/no water pressure issue in your home. Here are just a few.

  1. Your water supply is having an issue. Check with your municipality-whether you are on city or well water-to see if there is a problem there first and ask your neighbors if they are experiencing the same sad water supply as you are.
  2. The main shut-off isn’t open all the way.  Know where your main shut-off is  and make sure it is opened all the way to the left (counterclockwise) or, if it is a lever, it is parallel with the main water pipe.
  3. You need your PRV (Pressure Regulating Valve) adjusted or replaced. This is a bell-shaped device that is connected to your main water line for the purpose of regulating water pressure. 
  4. Your pipes are clogged, leaking, or corroded. Take some time to investigate how old your pipes are and then call Bono Plumbing to have your pipes assessed for these issues and repaired. We can do it all!
  5. You have faulty fixtures. If you’re noticing that you have a water pressure problem only in one shower or faucet, then it may mean you need some of the parts inside your faucet or shower handle replaced. Luckily, this is also something that Bono Plumbing can take care of very easily, so give us a call before you try to do it yourself. It’s not as easy as it may seem and our expert plumbers have repaired these a thousand times!

Regardless of the many reasons for low/no water pressure, keep yourself informed and let us handle the rest.  Before you’re disappointed by your hose’s stream this summer, schedule a technician to assess the situation and offer a solution.  Contact us through our website or give our office a call at 636-294-9110.